"IPHIGENIA"- Magnum Photography Awards, "IPHIGENIA", 2016 Competition Gallery, May, 2016.LensCulture Exposure Awards. The Highly Rated 100. January, 2014.The Art Of Photography Show, 2013, San Diego Art Institute, California U.S.A. October 12-November 17, 2013. / Worldwide Photography Gala Awards: 6th Edition Pollux Awards. February-March 2014. Blue DiLensCulture Exposure Awards. The Highly Rated 100. January, 2014.Black And White Photographer Of The Year: Leica Studios. London, England. November-December. 2015. Short List. Black And White Charles Dodgson Award. Worldwide Photography Gala Awards. London England.Philadelphia 5th Annual Contemporary Photography Exhibition, June 12-August 30, 2014; Philadelphia Photo Arts Center. Curators: Mary Ellen Mark, Brian Paul ClampVoices, Voices, VoicesTranscendence And OblivionJust Ask The Lonely

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