Neil Frederick Sharpe | About


“Neil Frederick Sharpe uses photography as a vessel, not a mere recording device, to transform the viewer into another world. He investigates a space with an intent to transform, using light, shapes, shadows, and the presence of the human element to make the work universal and open to interpretation. There is definitely a meaning in each image, however, it needs to be searched, the viewer needs to do the work, as the work bounces between fiction and reality, exploring the psychological depths and highs of hope, anxiety, solitude, and loneliness. However, is this work solely about the artist’s experiences or about the viewer’s as well?”

Peter Karuna for his insight and guidance.


Matthew Sharpe for his early interest and support.

Ian Sharpe for insightful musical scores for gallery exhibitions.


Doug Tyson for his experience, suggestions, and wonderful fine art prints.


Martin Renters for his exceptional skills as a fine art printer.

Robert Frank, Ray Metzker, Edward Hopper,
Bill Brandt, Daido Moriyama, Joseph Cornell, Franz Kline, Lee Allen, Stan Getz.